About Us

Find out about our core values and team at Gateway Church

Our Core Values.

Preach the Gospel

To share the life-giving and life‐transforming message of Jesus Christ to everyone in our immediate and surrounding communities.

Make Disciples

To assist members of the fellowship in every way possible to develop and grow in the faith they have chosen to follow.

Love One Another

To model a Biblical pattern of local fellowship, where members don’t exist in isolation but thrive as a vibrant spiritual family, bound by genuine relationships, caring for one another, serving together and collectively pursuing Kingdom objectives.

Serve the Community

To be a powerful witness of the love and power of Christ to the community we live in, on a day-to-day basis, by caring for the sick, providing for the needy, comforting the hurting, healing the broken hearted, giving hope to the hopeless, befriending the lonely, embracing the rejected, and offering support to those who cannot manage on their own.

Gateway Housing Project

After prayerful consideration, the trustees of Gateway Church Abergavenny made the decision unanimously to begin the process of closing the project and ending the fundraising initiative. For more information, please follow this link

Gateway Safeguarding Policy

Gateway Church Abergavenny is committed to protecting all those we care for in our communities. This policy explains our responsibilities and how we will meet them.

For more information, please click this link.