Failed fundraising initiative for Gateway Housing Project

The Gateway Church Housing Project Fundraiser was specifically set up in 2018 with the aim of developing our Rehoboth Centre in Abergavenny to assist the homeless with shelter and personal pastoral and pragmatic care.

Since the instigation of this initiative, the trustees have been following COVID and the national lockdown guidance and come to the conclusion that the situation regarding the homeless and rough sleepers in Abergavenny (and Monmouthshire) has changed and that the needs and demand have altered. 

In addition, despite your generous giving, the fundraising in itself has proven to be insufficient to begin any of the projected works the church first planned and publicised. As a result, after prayerful consideration the trustees of Gateway Church Abergavenny made the decision unanimously to begin the process of closing the project and ending the fundraising initiative.

Any donor who has not been contacted is invited to contact Lawrence Wilson as soon as possible. 

Lawrence Wilson, Chair of Trustees, on behalf of the trustees of gateway Church Abergavenny.